Ground Protection anywhere in the world

Introducing SignaRoad™ – Signature Systems Group’s groundbreaking new ground protection matting product designed to create a heavy-duty temporary roadway or pedestrian access way quickly and easily.

This high-quality 100% virgin HDPE composite matting is strong enough to withstand heavy-haul loads and versatile enough to be used in a myriad of diverse applications. From temporary roadways for remote utility repair projects to pedestrian access ways for concerts and music festivals, SignaRoad is ready to provide superior temporary access and ground protection with its advanced design features and easy-to-use connection system.



Actual 6.83ft (L) x 10ft (W) x 2.5in (D) 2.08m (L) x 3m (W) x 6.35cm (D)

Useable Platform: 6.17ft (L) x 9.33ft (W) x 2.5in (D) 1.88m (L) x 2.84m (W) x 6.35cm (D)

Useable Roadway: 6.17ft (L) x 10ft (W) x 2.5in (D) 1.88m (L) x 3m (W) x 6.35cm (D)


Mat Design

Each SignaRoad mat is molded from HDPE, with special proprietary fillers and additives that provide additional strength, rigidity, and impact resistance.Mat sections incorporate a weight-saving ribbed interior structure that provides tremendous weight-bearing capacity, while allowing for sections to be easily handled by a standard forklift.Each SignaRoad top section is sealed securely together to handle mat flexure and other everyday abuses.

SignaRoad mats incorporate overlapping flanges on both sides that allow mats to connect to adjacent panels. Flanges are solid HDPE for added durability. Each flange incorporates a heavy radius design, providing additional strength and shear resistance. Once nested into adjacent panels, the solid HDPE flange system provides rigidity and strength. SignaRoad mats can be configured to provide roadways that are straight and curved.