At Work on Water safety is one of our main concerns. Not only the safety of our staff, but also of the contractors working beside us and for the public. Our Demarcation System can be specified to any job size from small marker lines to large waterway navigation channels.

Large Waterway Navigation Markers

Our Large Navigation Buoys are ideal for sites on live waterways requiring good visibility from passing vessels. These are also essential for projects where a restriction in the width of the river is in place overnight. These buoys are equipped with:

. Solas reflective surfaces

. Radar Reflectors

. Automatic Solar powered orange flashing lights

Demarcation System

Floating Boundary Markers

Our Small Navigation markers are ideally suited for a visual marker of an out-of-bounds area, demarcation of a narrowing of the waterway and marking specific hazards.

Scaffold Tower Pontoon

Safety Signage

These are 1 meter square signs that meet British Waterways standard for signage. These signs should be places at 100 meters and 200 meters upstream and downstream of any work site. These signs can be equipped with white or orange flashing beacons.


Pontoon and Buoy Marker Lights

These automatic lights are to mark the exact location of the pontoon, allowing boat traffic to see the pontoon at night and in low light levels. These are essential for pontoons restricting or blocking the waterway overnight.