Our modular Steel pontoon system is very versatile for both ease of transportation logistics and speed of assembly once craned on to water. Due to small modular unit construction even the largest swim end unit weight is no more than 1250kg and therefore can easily be lorry HIAB craned on to a waterway that may also require some reach!

This system when assembled provides a low freeboard due to its weight to buoyancy loading ratio and gives a totally trip free flat deck with an anti-slip surface.

The pontoon can be made into any size. Outlined below are a few examples of nice work barges.

6.3 meters x 13.7 meters, (9 unit barge) has a total weight of 11,055KG and a load capacity of 24,000KG. This pontoon is ideal for working from with the ability to take spider cranes, MEWPs and any other pieces of required equipment either for transport along the river/waterway or working directly from the pontoon. This pontoon is also easy to control and manoeuvre along waterways and through locks.

12.6 meters x 11.6 meters, (15 unit barge) has a total weight of 18,555KG and a load capacity of 36,900KG. This large pontoon is ideas for transporting and working from for heavy loads, large excavators and larger spider cranes.

All our Steel Nato Pontoons can be fitted with our ‘Tank Ramps’ which are purpose built to fit onto our pontoons. Designed and used by the military to load 50 tonne tanks onto these pontoons for crossing rivers either as a bridge or as a ferry barge.

Having a completely flat deck with no trip hazards makes our pontoon barges ideal for large machinery such as excavators and spider cranes without the need to put additional decking down. Along with our ramps you can easily access, move around on and disembark the pontoon quickly and easily.