Innovative Solutions for Working on Water

Work on Water Ltd provides one of the most comprehensive pontoon hire services to enable clients to access safely, effectively and efficiently over water. For more than ten years we have been providing a market leading service for many client’s pontoon requirements. Having worked on many small and large scale civil construction and maintenance projects we have gained a wealth of experience of understanding our clients’ needs that enables us to turn the most inconceivable idea into reality.

When you need a solution to working on and around water our professional and knowledgeable expertise will make it happen. 

As a client focussed company we have talented and skilled staff with unparalleled expertise from the marine industry background. Recognised as an industry leader our turnkey service ensures an unparalleled capability in providing the best cost effective, safe solutions to our clients being able to carry out their works objectives from concept to completion. 

Meeting Your Requirements 

Whether your pontoon hire needs are just for a small simple platform required for a few days to a very large elaborate layout required for many months we can assist all. Our experience enables us to work with clients through all phases of the project requirement to provide a work program from the job specification implementing, design, methodologies, safety requirements, delivery, assembly and installation. This enables our clients to focus on their core activities  right through until the project completion and the strike-down and removal of all equipment. Whatever your project requirement our installation team’s expertise in design and installation of our floating pontoon platforms that we have gained over the last ten plus years will provide you with the very best innovative solutions to your work on water requirement.

HDPE Modular Pontoon

Our main pontoon hire system is our HDPE  Magic Float modular pontoon system. This very versatile modular cuboid system can be delivered to site in pre-built sections and craned direct on to the watercourse to build any size of pontoon platform. This allows us to be extremely creative with platform designs that it may be reassembled to any configuration around the watercourse structure itself to best suit the application and clients required access.

If there is severe access and egress issues the system can be delivered and assembled on site from its individual components by hand though time factors for very large platform applications will require consideration. Some of the most popular floating work platform using our HDPE Modular Pontoon System are listed below. Please click on the links below to see further photos of our Magic Float pontoon system in many varied applications. For further technical detail please visit our Magic Float pontoon system page.  

Working at height

Using both advanced guard rail scaffold towers and powered access platforms for inspection and maintenance of bridges and other water based structures.

Floating walkways

From simple pedestrian walkway with mesh panel barriers used on a civil construction site to more elaborate wooden decked and carpeted event walkways.

Floating Bridges

providing access for light equipment plant or multi layering to take heavier equipment and plant.

Drilling rig platforms,

Can be supplied with central moon-pool, able to take drill rigs up to 12 tons though using our steel deck brace system for drill rigs more than 3 tons.    

Event Pontoons,

Providing cost effective safe temporary access to or over water. Triathlon, SUP, marquees, advertising, floating island whatever the event we can be creative with the layout.

Nato Steel Modular Pontoons

For heavier work tasks where heavy plant my be required to work from the pontoons we have our versatile steel connectable system.  For more information visit our Nato Pontoons page